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S.C. Skating Club Information


-SCNS and Member Clubs Privacy Agreement

-Club Executive Member Forms

-Club code of conduct


-Sample Club Constituition



Every Year:


-All Clubs must be registered with Skate Canada.


-Clubs MUST register every skater before they step on the

 ice to attend a session. This is very important for liability



-Competitive skaters and officials must be registered with

 Skate Canada by September 1st.


-Club executive members must also be registered with

 Skate Canada


-Clubs should obtain a contract from coaches and request

 a copy of their Skate Canada Registration and First Aid



      -Test Days, Ice Shows, Clinics must receive sanction from

Skate Canada Nova Scotia.


-Clubs should be aware, that it is recommended a Club

 constitution and by-laws be updated every 5 years.