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Please find below  the categories for invitational competitions for the 2011 - 2012 skating season. 
Note the NEW CATEGORY PRIMARY which is intended to bridge the gap between Introductory and Pre
Preliminary.Any competition that is using CPC (Jr Bronze and above and all competitive and interpretive
categories) there is an extra cost of both equipment and person power in that more officials are required. 
Full system equipment use for the entire competition is $300.00; Data
Specialists laptop, blackbox and printer $75.00 per day;
Data Specialists laptop and printer $50.00 per day and Headsets $125.00 per day. These costs do not
include transportation costs. Minimum requirement for OBO competitions is the laptop and printer,
minimum requirement for CPC competitions is laptop, black box and headsets.
Please remember that before any announcements are sent to our skating community they need to be seen
by the Section Office and the Competitions Chair.